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One object worth seeing in this village is the neo-gothic Church of St. Elizabeth which was built over the period of 1926-1927 on the site of a former wooden church from the 18th century. Three altars, paintings, and a baptismal font as well as furniture and a church bell, were moved to the new church. The pipe organ was bought three years after the end of the construction process. It was renovated after the war in 1945.


A local legend has grown around a glacial erratic located in Pinczyn. It is said that the Devil, who became angry with pious people, wanted to block the entrance to the church with it. However, when a rooster crowed in the morning, an angel prevented him from doing so. Not seeing any chance for success, Satan ditched his plans and ran away. To this day, an attentive observer may spot traces of the chain used by the Devil.

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