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It is a large modern village, the capital of the commune with beautifully arranged green areas and places for relaxation. One of the most important attractions in Zblewo is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Its tower accommodates four church bells. The ruins of one of the pre-war mills belonging to Franciszek Wolf as well as remains of constructions built by Napoleon’s Army along one of the roads near the railway station are also of interest. Relics of the past worth seeing also include the ruins of the ‘Zur Ostbahn’ hotel and the remains of the former Evangelical cemetery. One should also visit ‘The Petrified Shepherdess’ and learn about her legend.


A boulder located to the northwest of the centre of Zblewo. A local legend has it that this is the wife of a shepherd who turned to stone after she had been cursed by her husband. He was dissatisfied with her laziness and the fact that she always served dinner in the field too late. One day he flew into a rage and said in anger: ‘I want you to turn into stone!’. And this is what happened in the legend and in the field near Zblewo…

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