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  • opis: zblewo

It is a large modern village, the capital of the commune with beautifully arranged green areas and places for relaxation. One of the most important attractions in Zblewo is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Its tower accommodates four church bells. The ruins of one of the pre-war mills belonging to Franciszek Wolf as well as remains of constructions built by Napoleon’s Army along one of the roads near the railway station are also of interest...


  • opis: PINCZYN

One object worth seeing in this village is the neo-gothic Church of St. Elizabeth which was built over the period of 1926-1927 on the site of a former wooden church from the 18th century. Three altars, paintings, and a baptismal font as well as furniture and a church bell, were moved to the new church. The pipe organ was bought three years after the end of the construction process. It was renovated after the war in 1945.


  • opis: BORZECHOWO

In the village there is a unique cottage with arcades, log construction and a roof covered with straw. It is said that it was built on foundations from 1625. Another monument in Borzechowo is the neo-baroque Church of St. Anne from 1833.


  • opis: WIRTY

This is the oldest forest dendrological garden in Poland. Its history began in 1869, thanks to the activity of a district forest manager, Adam Putrich. Today it comprises nearly 70 hectares which constitute a natural attraction of the Kociewie region. It is the property of the State Forests, treated with care by nature lovers. The oldest coniferous trees are 130 years old. There are also some 200-year-old oaks, beeches, and linden trees. The Wirty Arboretum located by the Borzechowskie Lake is a place of relaxation for tourists as well as an important educational and didactic facility.



  • opis: NIEDACKIE

This lake boasts class I water quality. The water is said to have healing properties. The water transparency is also admirable and praised by many divers and swimmers visiting the lake. 115 hectares of water surface and underwater meadows—these are ideal conditions for the groups of common bream who live there and large pike. The lake is the favourite place of not only tourists, but also Kocievian winter swimmers who meet there during the whole season. By the lake there is also a modern recreation centre with a beautiful pier.



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